Lighting the Sails: Audio Creatures

Directed by Ash Bolland. Music by Amon Tobin. Animation by Spinifex + Luxx

Audio Creatures will run each night from 6pm to 11pm from 26 May to 17 June. Audiences unable to witness Audio Creatures in person will be able to stream the full broadcast of  'Lighting the Sails' LIVE from the Sydney Opera House Facebook page from 5.45pm AEST on Friday May 26.

Tableaux that evoke colourful sea creatures, vibrant plant life and a sleek, organic/mechanistic chrome future projected onto the Sydney Opera House will be the number one way to deep dive into the beautiful world of colour and light this Vivid LIVE.

Breath-takingly imaginative Sydney creative Ash Bolland presents Audio Creatures, paired with tailor-made soundscapes by Brazil’s foremost sound designer Amon Tobin. Bolland initially honed his skills in detailed, precise 3D art and striking graphic design before working as a writer and director for Nintendo and more of the world’s biggest ad campaigns. Amon Tobin’s career in electronic music and audio manipulation spans over 20 years, most famously through his spikey, propulsive, uncompromising work for Ninja Tune and on the Cannes Palme d'Or nominated film, Divine Intervention.

This year, the pair will collaborate on a visceral, visionary work to transporting onlookers of Jorn Utzon’s infamous sails to a parallel universe beneath the harbour line and beyond the jungle walls.

Ash Bolland  - Offical Site

Amon Tobin - Offical Site


Lighting the Sails: The Last Audio Creature in Virtual Reality

Like a deep sea diver delving into an infinite oceanic expanse, The Last Audio Creature in Virtual Reality invites the curious to journey into the unknowable universe of Audio Creatures to discover their mysterious habitat, observe their existence and experience a transcendental close encounter with the kaleidoscopic, shape-shifting and magnificent Creature 12.

Inspired by the beauty of insects, animals, plant life and the rarely seen marine underworld, The Last Audio Creature is an immersive 360° virtual reality experience unlike any other.

Produced by Sydney Opera House
Directed by Ash Bolland
Creative concepts and artwork by Interrogate
Virtual reality film by ALT VFX

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